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boruda tensai

Kohai Class

Grades - 10Q to 8Q

Senpai Class

Grades - 7Q to 6Q

Sensei Class

Grades - 5Q to 4Q


boruda tensai

tensai - genius

Need some help on a boulder/project at boruda? Get guidance and beta breaks from our very own boruda tensai! These guided sessions are focused on giving you some top tips on how to incorporate techniques into your climbs to progress your movement on the wall.

boruda tensai is an open-class to public with no additional charges. This means that you simply have to book the session with your desired class to join the boruda tensai. 

Senpai Class

8Q to 6Q

These guided sessions are focused on building basic techniques and adding to your movement vocabulary. Perfect for those who have just completed their Starter-Pack Preparation Class with us. 

Wednesdays - 7 to 8PM

Sensei Class

5Q to 4Q

These guided sessions are more focused on the intricacies of climbing, and how minor changes to your micro-movement and body positioning may help you advance in your climbs.



For all you new climbers, start your journey with our Starter-Pack Package and attend our Preparation Classes. Preparation Classes covers the safety to bouldering, orientation to the gym and navigation of climbs.

The Preparation Classes are compulsory under this package to ensure the safety of all gym-goers.

First Time Starter-Pack Information


Package Information

​The package is inclusive of -

1 starter-pack preparation class

2 weeks unlimited gym entry to boruda Climbing & Boulder Planet

Complimentary rental shoes for the sessions


Starter-Pack Preparation Class

A 80 minutes introduction class to bouldering safely. It is held on every - 

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday [715 - 835PM]

  • Saturday and Sundays [2 - 320PM]


Package Price - $55

Purchase your starter-pack (u.p. $98) and book your preparation class today!


  • This starter-pack is available for purchase for those who have not purchased any passes and have not visited boruda Climbing and have not visited Boulder Planet.

  • Each individual can only buy this package once.

  • Individuals can only attend the starter-pack preparation class at boruda Climbing and it is not transferable to attend at Boulder Planet.

  • Individuals must attend the starter-pack preparation class before using their receiving the unlimited entries.

  • Individuals must attend the starter-pack preparation class within a month of the purchase date.

  • Early and Late Cancellations terms apply (see our FAQ). 

  • The minimum age to buy this starter-pack is 13 years old. 

  • This package is non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-shareable.

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