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Our Story

boruda - a concept boulder gym inspired by the Japanese climbing scene.


Our aim is to reinvent the concept of climbing by fusing climbing, lifestyle, and culture all under one roof. With a combination of our experiences from over 30 climbing gyms across 10 countries (and counting), we have conceived a unique concept for boruda. We believe that the community deserves a gym that allows them to discover their full potential, create and renew friendships. Hence, we welcome you on this journey to co-create a community fueled by our shared passion.

All About Us

What sets us apart

Our aim is to create an environment that reinvents the bouldering lifestyle that educates our community. Essentially, to strengthen the support and growth of the sport through setting standards.  With this mission in mind, we hope to expand the sport through job creation and a sustainable career path as well. ​

The vision is to be a gym that strives for excellence in providing a quality climbing experience.

  • We aim to do so through our commitment in quality setting and coaching. In its essence, adapting to the changes with trends and bring in fresh concepts over time.

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