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Validity of kai-passes

Sharing of kai-pass

Refund policy 

Each set of 5 kai-pass is valid for 3 months. 

Each set of 10 kai-pass is valid for 6 months. 

Validity of kai-passes

kai- passes can be shared with up to 4 other climbers by linking their Mindbody accounts to the Primary Account Holder. 

To share your passes - 

Ensure that they have downloaded the boruda app and completed their accounts before contacting us via our Business Whatsapp and provide us with: 

  • Primary account holder full name and email,

  • Sharing account holder full names and emails.

 *Please note that - 

  • Sharing will allow all linked accounts to make bookings using the Primary Account Holder’s passes,

  • All linked accounts will remain connected until the Primary Account Holder requests for removal.

Sharing of kai-passes

All service products sold are non-refundable & non-transferable.

Refund Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

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